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We Gokul Poly Valves are the most trusted and extremely expertised Plastic Ball Valves Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader Zambia. From more than 18 years, we are exporting our world class ranges of PP Ball Valve, PP Butterfly Valve, Pvc Ball Valve, and Upvc Ball Valves to our thousands of pleasurable patrons from the diverse international countries such as India, Argentina, USA, Belgium, Bahrain, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria and almost every well-liked global country. This is possible with our precious customers support from whole over the world for our best service.

Types of our Valves

  • Plastic Ball Valves Manufacturer in Zambia
  • PP Ball Valve Manufacturer in Zambia
  • PP Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Zambia
  • PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer in Zambia
  • Upvc Ball Valve Manufacturer in Zambia
  • PP Single Piece Ball Valve Manufacturer in Zambia
Upvc Solid Type Ball Valve
PVC Ball Valves

Gokul Poly Valves - Leading Pipe Fittings Valves Manufacturer and Exporter in Zambia

We Gokul Poly Valves are the highly growth-oriented firm engaged in producing the large basis of plastic ball valves for the esteemed applications at the liquid, gaseous, and other fluid services, etc. As we are the ISO 9001:2008 certified company in Zambia so we have gained the more export ratio by exporting our best in quality standard valves to the customers of Hong Kong, Mali, Tunisia, Sudan, Austria, Bangladesh, Libya, Zambia etc countries.

Our offered PP Ball Valve, PP Butterfly Valve, etc are manufactured under our well developed unit with the latest updated machinery and tools to fabricate the well equipped & accurate model of plastic ball valves. And this is possible with our responsible team who conducts the making of our products in a better 7 positive way and due to our unique models, best quality of valves, the number of abroad customers used to trust our brand of products for their industrial applications and every time just only reminds us when they require the better quality ranges of plastic valves.

Major number of clients even from the Mauritius, Botswana, Algeria, Afghanistan, Zambia, Namibia countries is also our one of the closest patrons as we are exporting our all sorts of plastic valves at very cost-effective prices and we are giving you the assurance that the prices of our products are truly very affordable for all customers and also as compared to the rivals products our products are best in both price and quality and due to this our numerous existing customers from different overseas countries.

Types of our PP Pipe Fittings Products

  • PP Service Saddle Exporter in Zambia
  • PP Tail Piece Exporter in Zambia
  • PP End Cap Exporter in Zambia
  • HDPE Blind Flange Exporter in Zambia
  • PP Slip on Flange Exporter in Zambia
  • PP Coupler Exporter in Zambia
  • PP Tee (Equal) Exporter in Zambia
Polypropylene Ball Valve
Drain Trap

Gokul Poly Valves are Forefront Exporter Among all International Market Rivals of Plastic Valves

With our great level of expertised export deal with the worldwide customers from more than 18 years, so we have still incredibly committed to export our high quality series of Plastic Ball Valves, Polypropylene Ball Valve and more likely products to the various clients from overall Asian, European, Gulf and also African countries.

We are the most customers preferred firm by the abundant foreign countries as we are able to export them within quick delivery and as per the clients urgent requirements of our products, we promptly delivery to their correct destinations without any product damages. One more thing is that even the clients ask for the huge bulky orders of our valves then we are always ready to export them as per their requirements regarding the wanted quantities, sizes & specifications of the products. Rather than our plastic valves, we are as well majorly supplying our other great ranges products like PP Service Saddle, PP End Cap and PP Coupler etc.

Chief Exporter of Plastic Ball Valves at Numerous Developed Countries

USA South Africa Australia Bahrain
Los Angeles Cape town Sydney Manama
New York Durban Perth Muharraq
Chicago Soweto Melbourne Seef

Our Precious Clients Project Report

Plastic Ball Valves Export in Petroleum Industries Argentina
PVC Ball Valve Export in Agriculture Sector Mauritius
PP Butterfly Valve Export in Power Generation Sudan
Upvc Ball Valve Export in Paint & Varnish Industries Nigeria

Our industries produced each valves are well designed with the unique methods and by using the non breakable quality of plastic and necessary materials to create the all in best ranges of products for our nationwide patrons. We are extremely exporting our offered all products to the varied industries such as paper & pulp, chemical & petroleum, agriculture, drip irrigation, distilleries, pharmaceutical and oil industries and also to the countless process industrial clients from the diverse global countries. For your next industrial project, just choose and try our offered valves for your industrial applications and our assurance is that you will definitely contact us for your future requirements of our products because they are all in best by features and as well as affordable in prices.

Our Export of Plastic Ball Valves reaches at the countries of:
Mali Zambia Afghanistan Austria
Hong Kong Algeria Morocco Belgium
Botswana Bangladesh Libya South Africa
Nigeria Tunisia USA Namibia